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"You see my face your life is done!"

"I feel sorry for you, Prime... Your allegiance to these humans... The trouble with loyalty to a cause—is that the cause...

will always betray you."

Great White

"Sometimes, that shark, he looks right into you. Right into your eyes... and you know the thing about a shark... he's got lifeless eyes... black eyes... like a doll's eyes. When he comes at you he doesn't seem to be living... until he bites you."

Bruce ♥

Keeping track

NightingaleDuck • oc drawing

MamaPandaBear • refund

frappuu • two oc drawings Button - Paid by happy-gurl
Gitoku • design w/ reference Button - Half Paid by happy-gurl
Serphire • oc drawing Button - Half Paid by happy-gurl
Blacklight29 • oc drawing Button - Paid by happy-gurl
felixavenier • oc drawing Button - Paid by happy-gurl
microvert • oc drawing Button - Paid by happy-gurl

da nun... da nun...

I'm a 21 year old slob who has empathy issues and doesn't really give a fuck about your feelings and whether you hate me or not—whooops. I'm unfathomably addicted to Lockdown from Transformers (2008-forever♥), cold Pepsi, Inside Gaming (Bruce♥), sharks, competitive gaming and screaming profanities on and off the internet. Despite my antisocial tendencies, abrasive language, and overbearing demeanor I'm not that horrendously bad off and enjoy chatting with people and whatever who cares.

Stamp - Photoshop User by firstfear Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear Stamp - Paint Tool Sai User by firstfear

Shark header sprite © Trilobite



You can find me at the following places...

Facebook, Weasyl, FurAffinity, and Tumblr.

I'm also on Xbox LIVE (Sharkfu) and PSN (Atroci).


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Delmorii Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014
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mute-owl Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014
your commission is taking a little longer than expected, but i promise it's getting along!  the easiest part will be coloring i think.  i'm just scared of doing the wing lineart.. i need to go back over a few spots as well that are a bit messy.
(1 Reply) (1 Reply)
Frilled-Aten Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I had a dream
that you lived with us somewhere
and every morning I would lick doughnut glaze off of your fingers before work

sounds about right
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Caspian12 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You like sharks, I see
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