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Advertisement for the design's owner, I have permission to sell. 

Holiday Cheers by Sheylu

COUVERE QUI 85 by Araktugage

Species (C) Sheylu and TornTethers (I think).

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Sharkfu Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sold my tablet and I am gone right now, getting jobs and my life together, I will be back in a few months—refreshed and active, stay tuned, I appreciate it. Thank you! <3

Regarding commissions, I had to sell my tablet to make rent. If I didn't, I would've been evicted, so I did it to save my ass. Obviously, my well-being comes first. I will get to commissions as SOON as I move, which will be the second week of January - March. 

Those who are waiting will get a little something extra as compensation, however, if you absolutely can't wait just note me here, I will come back periodically to check on notes and such and we can discuss a refund, compensation, or whatever you like.

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